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See what our many clients have to say about our products and their garage vacuums.

“It mounts on the wall which makes it very convenient, quick and easy to use at any time. We have a two-car garage and there is no problem with vacuuming both cars while in the garage. No worry about a canister banging into the car or getting caught up on something that gets in its way.The suction is extremely powerful and picks up anything with no effort. The hose is a great length which enables you to also vacuum the garage if you want to. In fact I wanted to see just how far the hose would reach. So I opened the door into my house from the garage and was very surprised to see that I was able to vacuum all my living room, entryway, long hallway, my dining room and half of my kitchen. It was almost like having central vac. I would suggest getting the attachments also. They are a great addition to the vacuum. They get into the hard-to-reach areas of the car and work wonderfully on the upholstery. I would highly recommend this vacuum to all.”

- Patti E.

“I love this GarageVac. I bought it hoping it was powerful enough to vacuum up my dog's hair — that it did! I like how it hangs so flush to the wall.”

- Jacob W.

“Best features of the GarageVac:

1) Strong suction

2) Warranty

3) Relatively small size, mounted on the wall

4) Superb filtering

I have recommended the GarageVac to friends and acquaintances.”

- Charlie H.

“I really like my GarageVac. It installed easily, looks nice on the wall, and works really well.”

Coa H.

“I am pleased with the GarageVac. The convenient wall mounting keeps it out of the way and off the floor of the garage to reduce clutter. Yet it is right there to vacuum out both cars with the easy-to-reach extension hose. It offers a neat and efficient set up that I find very useful. The power of the unit does a good job of cleaning car floor mats, carpets and trunk areas effectively. This is a product that I would recommend to others for efficiency, practicality, and overall good value.”

- Alan B.

“I am very impressed with the GarageVac that I purchased last year. From where it is located in my garage, I can clean three vehicles without moving any of them. It sure beats lugging around a big shop vac.”

- Mike K.

“I am very pleased with the GarageVac. The design and engineering are great, and I appreciate the vac's performance when cleaning my cars. The accessories work great as well. When I was looking for a wall-mounted garage vac last year, I was debating between your company's vac and metrovac. I knew the metrovac was made in USA but was unsure about your vac, so I did some additional research and was happy to discover it was! So it came down to price, functionality, and design. I decided your vac was the better value. Innovations like these help drive our economy, and by keeping the manufacturing here in the USA, it benefits our way of life and our middle class. Keep up the great work and all the best to you and your company!”

- Josh H.

“I purchased your GarageVac model #GH20 and I have been very pleased with this product. It was very easy to install. I found your video helpful in hanging the Vac on the wall; it certainly made my garage look a lot neater plus the Vac is always there and handy to use. The GarageVac has just the right amount of accessories – the 40’ hose is convenient as we have two cars. I was delighted to learn that this is an American-made product and proud to say the GarageVac is of excellent quality and workmanship. Thank you for a great product.”

Ron G. Arizona

“I have a part-time detailing service and have used the GarageVac for approximately five months almost daily. The suction is outstanding and the hose can reach every part of any type of vehicle from a car to a large van. The disposable vacuum bags are very easy to replace.

Would highly recommend for use on vehicles or in any size room or garage. It is a pleasure to recommend a product so well made.”

- Terry M.

“I bought my GarageVac several months ago and am very satisfied with it. I was looking for a garage vac that could be hung on the wall and be convenient for my workshop as well as other outside uses, such as in vehicles. I have been very pleased with its operation and convenience. The hose is exceptional in its ability to reach and retract to its original length.”

- Leonard S., Texas

“Dear InterVac Design Corp,

I purchased the Garage Vac a few weeks ago and I am very pleased at the quality of the vacuum, and it was even easy to install in a compact space between my garage doors. I am a fanatic about keeping clean cars and a clean garage. I can hook up the hose and whatever utility attachment is needed in a manner of seconds and vacuum the cars or just do a quick sweep around the baseboards in garage to pick up dirt. This is a great time saver versus sweeping — even when the hose is stretched 40 feet, it still has strong suction. It is even great for getting insects that fly in the garage at night (or spiders)! And to top it off, it is made in the United States — great to support our own economy.”

- Phil S.

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