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Troubleshooting Common Vacuum Problems

We’ve all been there: you’re ready to finally buckle down on the chore of cleaning your home, car, or garage, and then your vacuum just doesn’t work properly. Whether you can’t get it to turn on, or it’s just not cleaning as well as usual, most problems fortunately have an easy fix. Read on to learn how to troubleshoot and solve some common vacuum problems, and if you’re having problems with your compact vacuum, don’t forget that every GarageVac model comes with a six-year warranty! Feel free to contact us to ask about your options.

No Power

Faulty Plug or Outlet

Of course, the first thing you probably did was to check that the vacuum was plugged in and turned on. No need to be embarrassed! There are also a few other factors that may be affecting power flow to your vacuum. Older outlets may simply be faulty, or there may be a light switch dictating whether or not that outlet receives power. Fortunately, these simple problems have simple solutions! Check the light switches in the room or try plugging your vacuum into another outlet and see if your issues resolve.

Motor Isn’t Running

If your vacuum’s plug and the outlet both seem to be in order, and it’s receiving power, but the motor won’t run, then you’ve stumbled across a more serious problem. Feel free to do your research online to further troubleshoot the issue if you feel comfortable trying to fix the motor yourself. Otherwise, call the manufacturer and ask about your warranty!

Vacuum Turns Itself Off

If you have been using your vacuum fine and it abruptly shuts itself off, then it’s likely overheating. Cut off power and wait for it to cool down before trying again. Most vacuums have a thermal fuse to protect from overheating, and if your vacuum continues to turn itself off even when cool, then you may want to look into replacing that fuse. Check your instruction manual for more information!

Poor Suction

Full Bag or Chamber

A very common reason why your vacuum isn’t performing as well as usual is because the bag or chamber is full and it simply doesn’t have the capacity to pull in any more dirt or debris. Replace the bag and try again!

Clogged Filter

Your vacuum likely has a filter or two that helps it operate smoothly. Double check the air or exhaust filter for any clogs that might prevent your vacuum from generating proper suction. If a clogged filter is the culprit, then cleaning or replacing that filter should put your compact vacuum back in tip-top shape.

Blocked Hose

Another key component of any vacuum is the hose. If there is a blockage in the hose, then it’s no wonder your vacuum isn’t pulling up dirt and debris the way it should. Some models may have translucent hoses that make it easy to spot problems. If you have a model with an opaque hose, like one of GarageVac’s wall-mounted vacuum cleaners, then try removing the hose, straightening it out, and shining a flashlight inside to look for any blockages. If there is something you need to dislodge, be careful not to damage the hose in the process.

Unusual Noises


Excessive or unusual noise is another reason you may want to check your hose. If an object can’t travel easily through your vacuum, then it’s likely to make noise when you turn the vacuum on and air rushes past the obstruction. Follow our instructions above to look for and remove any lodged objects.

Mechanical Problems

The bad news is that a noisy vacuum isn’t always an easy fix. There are a few components inside your vacuum that may be causing problems. If you can’t find any blockages in the hose, then it may be time to call the manufacturer and inquire about the warranty on your vacuum. If you chose to invest in a GarageVac compact vacuum, then you have six years from your time of purchase to use the warranty to address any such problems!

Bad Smells

Stinky Bag Contents

If you vacuumed up some questionable materials recently, or it’s been a while since you changed the bag or cleaned the canister, then the previous messes you cleaned up with your vacuum may be to blame. (Think moldy coffee grounds or smelly waste.) Fortunately, changing the bag or emptying and washing the canister of bagless vacuums should solve the issue. You can find vacuum bag replacements for your GarageVac here in our store!

Faulty Electrical Cord

If you detect a burning smell, then it may be a problem with the cord or outlet, and you may be detecting electrical problems. Turn off your vacuum immediately and let it cool down before investigating. A bad cord or outlet can lead to overheating or fire if unaddressed, so if you get a whiff of something hot and mechanical, don’t ignore it!

Call GarageVac to Ask About Our Six-Year Warranty

Hopefully this quick guide can help you narrow down what kind of problems you may be facing, and even offer a few tips on how to get your vacuum up and running again. However, if you are experiencing issues not on this list, or the solutions are beyond your comfort level, then call to ask about your warranty! Each GarageVac wall-mounted vacuum cleaner comes with a six-year warranty to make sure your product is working exactly as you expect. Shop now to find your own high-quality compact vacuum!

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