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How to Detail Your Car Interior

If you care about your car, you probably wash it regularly. Keeping it clean is important to you. However, when was the last time you detailed the interior? Regular detailing can keep your car looking like new and preserve its value over time. Just like washing your car, you can hire a professional team to detail the interior of your car for you, but why spend the money when you probably have the tools you need in your garage?

What You Need

You can effectively detail the interior of your car with many supplies you already have around the house. Apart from the supplies you need to wash your car – a bucket, soap, water, a sponge, and so on – there are a few things you’ll want to gather. Find a few rags, small soft brushes like a toothbrush, upholstery cleaner, stain remover, and a gentle all-surface cleaner. You will also want an effective auto detailing vacuum. Here at GarageVac, we offer three different models to fit your style and your needs. Our convenient compact vacuums can be hung on the wall or mounted into an interior or cabinet to save space, and each model comes with a variety of auto detailing tools, including an upholstery brush, a flexible crevice tool, and a telescoping vacuum wand. Choose from our selection of classic colors and get yours today!

The Carpet

To clean the carpet inside your car, you should first remove any floor mats you have. These you can brush down and vacuum separately or, it they are rubber mats, simply wash with soap and water. For the carpet inside the vehicle, vacuum them thoroughly. You can use the custom attachments that come with your GarageVac like the crevice tool to reach cracks, narrow gaps, and other inaccessible places. Use your stain remover of choice and a brush to address any spots in the carpet — make sure the product dries completely. Keep in mind that if you choose to vacuum your interior as the first step of the detailing process, you may have to vacuum again to catch any dirt loosened while cleaning other parts of the car.


The Upholstery

Depending on the material of your car seats, the process may be slightly different. Vacuuming your seats is any easy way to get rid of larger bits and pieces, whether your seats are made of leather or cloth. If they are made of cloth, upholstery shampoo is a good option to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned. Use a wet vac if you want to be thorough and give the cloth plenty of time to dry. Leather seats are a little simpler to care for on most days — apply a leather cleaner you trust and wipe it away. However, if your leather seats haven’t been cleaned or cared for in a while, applying conditioner can help prevent ugly cracking and stress. Make sure you let any and all products you use time to evaporate and leave your car doors open to allow for airflow. It’s important to give the damp materials inside your car the time and space they need to breathe so as not to encourage any mold or mildew.

The Doors

If there’s one place you have neglected every other time you have washed your car, it’s probably the inside of the door jamb. Open your doors and wipe down the metal and plastic parts with soapy water if you want to be thorough in your detailing job. To clean the inside of the door, you can use the same soapy solution on any parts not upholstered in cloth or leather. You can use the small brushes you gathered or cotton swabs to remove dirt and debris from harder to reach spots.

The Dashboard

Cleaning your dashboard is where the all-purpose cleaner you chose comes into play. You shouldn’t spray it directly onto the dash. Instead, apply the cleaner to rags or paper towels and wipe down the surface. Use your small brushes to gently clean the knobs and buttons on the dash. A small, absorbent tool like a sponge paintbrush is a good option for cleaning your vents. To clean your steering column, you can use a soapy solution and wipe it clean, but it will still need time to dry thoroughly.

The Center Console

The center console is the trouble spot for many people trying to keep their car looking its best. There are a lot of nooks and crannies that can trap dirt if not cleaned regularly; your cup holders in particular are crumb-capturing culprits. However, if you take your time, the small tools at your disposal can help address those hard to reach places. You can also apply a surface protectant after you are finished cleaning to help restore the materials and give the interior of your car a truly polished look.

Detailing the interior of your car not only helps it look new and polished, but also can help it retain value for years to come. Keep it clean with help from GarageVac. Our sleek, functional, compact vacuums are created to make car deep cleaning simple with a variety of auto detailing tools and space-saving design. The GarageVac is only four inches deep and weighs just nine pounds, making it easy to install. Simply mount it on a wall or inside a cabinet for a powerful compact vacuum within reach whenever you need it. Choose from our three versatile options and get a GarageVac for your home today!

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