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How to Clean Concrete Floors

The concrete floors of your garage are made to be durable. They can stand up to dirt, water, oil, and all the messes you can make indoors and outdoors. They aren’t impervious to grime or mildew, however, and they can stain if not cared for properly. Protect the contents of your garage – whether it’s a vintage car you’ve spent years restoring or boxes of important family mementos – by keeping your garage floors clean. GarageVac has created a tool to make cleaning your garage easier than ever. Our high-quality, wall-mounted vacuum cleaner can handle all your garage messes with an extendable 40-foot hose and a caddy for storing all the detailing tools you need, all without taking up valuable space. Keep reading to learn how you can use your premium wall vacuum to clean your garage and explore our site to see which model works best for you!

1. Vacuum

The first step to cleaning your concrete floors is to clear away anything on the floor and remove the top layer of dust and dirt. You could sweep, but a garage vacuum cleaner like one of the four GarageVac models will not only make the process faster and more efficient, but it will also be more effective. A vacuum ensures that you are actually picking up the dust rather than pushing it around. Whether you are preparing for a deep garage clean-out or you like to keep things tidy, vacuuming your concrete floors is an essential step.

2. Scrub

For a deeper clean, you’ll need to scrub your floors. There are concrete floor cleaners available at home improvement stores, or you can create your own by mixing detergent and water. Untreated concrete floors can also be treated with harsher cleaners like bleach or ammonia, but those chemicals should also be diluted with water. When you are gathering supplies to clean your garage floor, make sure that you find a brush with nylon bristles, not metal. Metal fibers can become trapped in concrete and they will eventually rust. Scrub away grime with a nylon brush and then rinse your floors with water.

3. Mop

If your floors need more than a light vacuuming, but the concrete is stamped or polish, you need a gentler solution. A mop and mild cleaner mixed with water should do the trick.You don’t want to use ammonia, bleach, or other highly acidic products on stamped or polished floors

4. Power Washer

If it has been a while since you last cleaned your garage floors, try a power washer. It’s not a gentle or precise cleaning method, but it can quickly blast away dirt and grime. You should wear safety goggles and gloves to ensure your safety and move the wand back and forth in a way similar to how you might use a mop. If you want to use a cleaner, apply it to your concrete floors and let it soak for 10 to 15 minutes before you fire up the power washer.

Your garage floors can handle a lot of messes, but cleaning them can keep them in peak condition and protect all the items you store inside your garage. There are several ways to clean your concrete floors, but the first key step is clearing away dirt and debris. Make the process fast and easy with a premium garage vacuum cleaner from GarageVac. Our unique design makes it easy to mount flush against a wall or inside a cabinet, and the integrated tool caddy and extendable vacuum hose make cleaning your garage convenient. Explore our site to learn more about the different models of our innovative, wall-mounted vacuum and follow this blog for more ideas on how to make the most of all that power!

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