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3 Garage Organization Ideas

Most sections of your home are separated by purpose. The kitchen is for cooking, the living room is for spending time with your family, and so on. Your garage also has a purpose, but it’s one of the broadest categories: the outdoors. The objects inside your garage run the gamut of big to small, from your car to that bucket full of bolts from your last project, and keeping everything clean and organized is a big challenge. GarageVac wants to make it easier, which is why we created our innovative compact garage vacuum cleaner. It’s small, easy to store, and easy to use. We want to help you make everything in your garage just as simple. In part one of this series, we discussed a few additions that could help you keep things tidy, such as cabinets and overhead storage. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a step back and tackling what strategies you can use to better plan and organize your space. Read on for three great tips and order your compact vacuum from GarageVac today!

Organize Your Garage into Zones

If your garage has already become a bit of a chaotic mess, cleaning it up can seem intimidating. On the other hand, planning how to use your space before it can get to that point can also be daunting. The solution to both problems is to create zones within your garage. It’s a multi-use place, and compartmentalizing it can make it easier to handle. You can tackle a messy garage one section at a time, and zones can help you keep it clean. Give each section its own category, and then you can organize your tools and other materials by their purpose. It will make finding things and putting them back in their rightful place faster and easier.

Keep Your Tools Where You Need Them

When you are designating space in your garage, think about how you use each tool and where you use it. For example, if you take our suggestion and mount gardening and outdoor tools on the wall of your garage, you’ll want to mount them nearest to the opening so you don’t have to carry them very far to use them or risk scratching your vehicle. If you do a lot of work in your garage on many different projects, the best solution might be to invest in a mobile workspace rather than a wall-mounted bench. That way you can always have what you need within reach. One way GarageVac can help? Our compact vacuum can be installed anywhere – inside a cabinet or on a wall with just four screws – so you can place your garage vacuum cleaner where you need it most.

Find a Place for Everything

Once you determine the zones for your garage, make sure that each item in that zone has its own place. That doesn’t mean just delegating cabinet space — you also have to think of the little things, like screws, washers, nuts, and bolts. Garages seem to repopulate dusty corners with all sorts of bits and pieces no matter how hard you work to keep things clean and tidy, but making sure that everything has its own space or container can help minimize the natural entropy of a garage. It makes it easier to find what you need when you’re working on a project, and it can help protect your feet or other storage materials from getting damaged by a stray nail or something similar.

Thinking ahead can help you conquer a messy garage or make sure it never gets messy in the first place. First, separating your garage into designated zones can help break down an intimidating task or make it easier to decide where to put each item. Next, ensure that the new layout of your garage makes sense, and that all your tools are close to where they will be used. Finally, curb future chaos by ensuring that you have all the storage solutions you need for every object and material can help to curb future chaos, especially when it comes to small pieces like screws or bolts that seem to wander.

Your garage is a marvelous place to store all manner of things, which makes it useful, but also prone to disorganized messes. Take the first step toward a clean and convenient garage by investing in a compact vacuum from GarageVac. You can mount it exactly where you need it with just four screws, and the integrated tool caddy keeps all the garage and car vacuum accessories in one place without taking up valuable space. Explore our collection of garage vacuum cleaners and order today!

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